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The Xagoraris family began competitive fencing in 2009, in Bergen County, NJ. Adrienne, Andreas and Madison Xagoraris enjoyed many years of National competition before moving to Scottsdale in 2012. Because there were no North Scottsdale Foil fencing clubs, we branched out to create a Professional Club membership through the USFA. Our goal for SFC, is to continue to work hard to develop fencers, and raise awareness for the sport.


Fencing is a sport that develops an individual both physically and mentally. Fencing students develop superior eye hand coordination, speedy reflexes and excellent endurance. On the mental side, students learn how to analyze an opponent for strengths and weaknesses and then counter them by using their own skill set. It also teaches tactics such as feints and deception. All of these skills can easily translate to other sports.


Fencing is a unique sport where you do not need to be a super athlete in order to participate, nor do you have compete against your peers to make it on a team. One of the nicest things about fencing, is that it is a sport of Honor and Integrity. It has a tradition of respecting your opponent and classmates, and in competing fairly. This creates a positive environment for all to grow within.


We are currently offering classes through Private/Charter schools, Parks and Rec through the City of Scottsdale and private instruction. Madison Xagoraris travels to San Francisco on weekends to train with two time Olympian Greg Massialas and the legendary M Team.


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